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A “Blog” is actually derived from the term “Web log.” The blog or rather web log is

described as an informational or discussion page posted on the internet. Blogging

started to take off during the 1990’s. As graphics and website building became more

stream lined and of a higher quality, more and more people started taking blogs a lot

more serious for there daily intake of information. Whether for news or entertainment,

advertisers started to take notice. After some time, the statistics of the majority of

blog readers took off! In the past a large number of consumers that had there eyes on

commercial advertisements on television shifted to the internet and popular website

blogs. Large groups of readers became loyal to there favorite blogs and the consistent

growing of the blog community and its followers lead the way to a career for some of

the best writers on the web.

This is because advertisers began paying professional bloggers to add there

advertising to there popular blogs. Beginning to work with advertisers was at first

challenging but sites that brought bloggers and advertisers together

made the  transition easier. Today sites like  help connect bloggers

with advertisers to make the relationship accessible. There are a number of ways for advertisers to

approach bloggers to embed there advertisements into a website or blog. First advertisers

developed a banner advertisement. This advertisement would be a picture with an

advertisement that was embedded into the sidebars of the bloggers website. Every time a

reader would click on the banner, the blogger would get payed. Then came in-text

advertising. Keywords would be highlighted and when a reader clicked on the word in a

story, they would be transferred to an advertisement on another website.There are also

guest post where advertisers pay bloggers to write a review of there product and add a

link to there product site. Finally a new kind of really cool and high tech method of

advertising has emerged. The “Infographic” advertisement. It has been proven in studies

that most people learn things visually. Infographic advertisements are very

informative pieces of information that a reader can understand and learn from very

quickly. In conclusion the future of blogs will most likely become the most powerful

tool of communication on the web and in the world.