Sam Sarpong is a man of many talents. He has already appeared in over sixty feature films, fifty-five TV shows and won an I Pop Award for best male host for the MTV hit show, Yo Momma. 

It’s 6 a.m., and Sam Sarpong is sitting in the Moonshadows parking lot in Malibu waiting to start the shoot for the new KD Luxe Jewelry 2014 Spring campaign. Parked in a brand new 2013 super charged Range Rover from Thousand Oaks Ranger Rover. He is playing snippets from his upcoming album, Lose My Mind, accompanied by three beautiful models and his assistant. Lose My Mind was recently featured on the VH1 hit show Hit the Floor. Sam is the spokesperson for KD Luxe Jewelry, who is currently a jeweler among Hollywood stars. Such stars include: Mark Wahlberg, Nichole Kidman, Halle Berry and Christina Milian. Owner of KD Luxe Jewelry, Kathleen Nugent stated, “Sam is the perfect ambassador from my new brand, which is all about positivity- which Sam radiates.” 

Sarpong is set to become a household name. He has two movies due in the Fall – No Weapons and the highly anticipated film Trigger opposite Matt Cohen (90210). He will also have a strong reoccurring role in the new show, Average Dad. This show is staring Jamie Presley and Brent Goldberg. Sam is also about to wrap up shooting the movie Crossed the Line in which he plays the male lead opposite Ice T (Law and Order) and Vanessa Williams. 

This has been a busy summer for Sarpong, who next up will shoot the film Gutter Slut with Eddie Rouse (American Gangster) and Amber Tharani (For Colored Girls). After Gutter Slut, Sam is off to Atlanta to start filming the movie Angelz Landing. Gary Ousdahl who formally worked at William Morris Agency, now Sarpong’s manager stated, “Not only is Sam truly a multi-gifted artist, but he understands every aspect of the business, from both the creative and business point of view. I’ve seen a lot of talent from Tyler Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Forest Whitaker, and Sam possesses the same kind of presence when he walks into a room.” 

Sam who co-produced the Indy hit film Nailed was screened at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals. Sam recently signed a major deal with Film City Studios to produce and star in upcoming projects. The first project is a horror film currently being written by, Ken Kokin. Kokin also produced Usual Suspects and Way of the Gun. Film City Studios owner Lior Cohen stated, “Between the talent we have at Film City Studios and Sam’s connections we are definitely excited about our collaboration with Future Stars Entertainment Group.” Last year, Sam singed a three year deal for his high fashion line to be the brand ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 fashion line. The company announced Sarpong as the ambassador in New York at the South African Consulate on Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Sam is very excited about his Future Stars Collection, which has already been proven to be successful in Asia the past ten years. His collection can now be found in some of the hottest hip-trendy stores throughout Los Angeles. Scream Famous owner Canan Fraser says, “Sam’s Chosen One line is a big seller. We can never keep enough of it in the store. It is a great quality t-shirt, and the powerful meaning behind the brand makes it even more popular.” 

It is now 6 p.m., after a full twelve-hour day of shooting; Sam is on the phone with his friend actress/singer Drew Sidora. Sidora tells us, “I have been best friends with Sam eight years. We have shared some of the most amazing times, especially in our careers. He is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. When I am having a bad day, Sam is always that ray of light with the sweetest spirit.” 

Completing a total of six films by the end of the Summer, a new album, three major modeling campaigns, and a new clothing collection, Sam says he believes he is ready for the next level. “I am just in a calm place for the first time in my life. This business teaches you to never be satisfied. I was talking to two of my closest childhood friends recently, Julie and Rebecca, and they both told me how proud they were of all the things I have accomplished in my career. It reassured me that if it all ended tomorrow I know I have had some of the most amazing experiences and most of all I have been able to live my dream. But I know the best if yet to come.”




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3. Curtis Sabir
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