Ladies and gentlemen meet Director Eriah Howard who has actually had the kind of story you only see on the big screen. A few years ago Eriah was working as a security guard doing the graveyard shift when he met Hollywood Blockbuster star/actor, Tiny Lister from “Fifth Element”, “Friday” and “Dark Knight”.  He told him he wanted to make a movie with him as a lead. Instead of brushing him off Tiny passed on his info to Eriah. He wrote a dynamic script with his partner Jay Harvey and a few months later the script was done. “No Weapons formed Against Us” is a gospel family drama that follows lead actor Sam Sarpong from “Anchor baby”, “Nailed” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, as a detective who’s wife has just passed away and is dealing with the pressures of raising his seven year old daughter while still battling his own issues he’s always had with his father.The movie premiered two weeks ago with rave reviews and now will hit the festival circuit for 2014. “I just want people to see the positive message we send out at the end of the day.” stated Eriah who’s next film is “Rent-A-Cop”.  “I wanted to do a comedy to show my range with people like F.Gary Grey who can do it all.” We don’t doubt so can Eriah Howard! Look out for “No Weapons Formed Against Us” in 2014.

Photos by: Jovi Bantalo, Xerxes Reamer and Eglamour photos