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Building a future as an artist can be a difficult task. The academic requirements for admissions in

schools and the building of a professional portfolio of your creative works can be a daunting task.

Most universities and private institutions consider your portfolio as the main factor in granting your

admission. But you don’t have to worry because the schools are looking for talented artists like you.

Depending on your talent some schools only accept original art or digital portfolios. Each schools

criteria should be followed by the letter. If you are unsure of the exact criteria needed to submit

your portfolio you should consult with a college administrator. It is important that you give yourself

enough time to prepare a professional portfolio. A lot of institutions are looking for different categories

when it comes to submitting a portfolio.Personal art, observational artistic abilities and works that are

produced for an exam.

Personal art is produced outside the classroom and shows the artist unique talent. The art you can pick

should be an example of what can be done in any media form. The observational art is more of a

traditional style of art. The use of portraits or landscapes or figure models show the classic style of

art. Most of the artists work would be done with pencil or other joint mediums including paint. And

finally an exam piece would be a work of art produced for final exams during a college or educational

workshop.Presentation of your portfolio is very important. Original art works should be documented on

slides for safekeeping prior to mailing. Each school has their own admissions guidelines. These

guidelines should be followed very carefully. When submitting your original art works with your

portfolio, do not include poorly cared for works. Include your most recent work and only works that

are completed and finished to the best of your ability. Include your name, title of the work, date

and number on the back of each artwork. If you feel like you need more information on preparing an

art portfolio for your school consider attending a continuation educational course offered by many

art schools.