When the internet became a reality a new form of communication was born. For centuries people have

communicated via letters and telephone and even as far back as the telegraph. We as a society have

always enjoyed new information or simply communicating with others. Blogging is the new

communication device that has brought us all together for a minute to minute scoop on our daily lives.

With over 156 million public blogs and growing, just about every computer in  every home is being used

for some form of communication. With popular video blogs people are now becoming overnight

sensations with there individual talents. Whether they are singers, actors or inventors, creative

people are becoming famous through blogs.The social media is a new trend in blogging that is

taking over the internet. Instant communications with everyone online is becoming a very powerful

social tool in our community.However, The information age is not simply about gossip and random

social engagements. The world is now being monitored second by second and categorized, judged

and learned. The future of our society is now in a new developed stage of social networking online.

With all of the speedy up to the minute information worldwide you can be assured that everyone online

will now be growing very much faster intellectually now more than our previous ancestors did in the

educational department. You can now learn just about anything online in a reasonable time frame.

Usually the information is free and blogged about on popular sites. We no longer live in a society

where only the wealthy are educated. You can take full advantage of all the wonderful blogs that

have endless waves of communication available on the internet. You can learn trades as well as take

online courses for school. Tutoring has also become a favorite topic for bloggers.